Tutoring High School and College Chemistry and Physics and SAT Preparation”

Dr. John Heidenreich earned his BA and PhD in Chemistry from the University of California, San Diego and then joined IBM Research – a world leader in industrial research. At IBM, John’s work led to presenting at prestigious scientific conferences, publishing scientific articles, and contributing to numerous patents. In a thirty-year career with IBM, John worked in technical, managerial, consulting, and advisory roles, all of which required the ability to communicate highly technical ideas to diverse audiences ranging from students, to executives, to clients.

Dr. John has volunteered with middle school and high school groups to encourage students to consider STEM careers. He is pursuing his lifelong dream to teach science to young people and help to awaken their excitement about chemistry and physics. In a world where change is happening faster and faster, it is essential to have the ability to acquire new skills and the confidence to know you can be successful.