Online Education – We Are All Part of This Experiment

21 April, 2020 3 Comments
Online Education – We Are All Part of This Experiment

Because of the Corona Virus Pandemic, our children have been thrust into a huge experiment in online learning. We don’t really have any alternative to being involved, and this will surely provide some important lessons for the future.

Online learning is different from what goes on in a traditional classroom. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Online options provide the opportunity of engaging dramatically more digital resources (it’s that moment when the instructor asks a question that students answer with the help of Google), but are challenged by the lack of personal interactions between students and their instructors, and other students. Online courses can bring lectures from the world’s foremost experts, but they require that students have an appropriate learning environment – a noisy kitchen table may not do the trick.

Traditional studies have shown that online learners may get somewhat better grades (US Dept of Ed. Study), but also are less satisfied with the experience.
The opportunities with online learning are significant, and with the right combination of tools, teacher training, student access to technology, and a supportive educational environment, it is possible to thrive in our current world of online learning. In fact, our children are being introduced to a whole new way to pick up skills. This will serve them well in a world were career skill sets will continue to rapidly evolve.

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